Review – Robyn & Ryleigh

By: Jenna Melanson

Album – By Heart
Release Date – January 15, 2016
iTunes Link –
Genre – Country

British Columbia based country pop duo, Robyn & Ryleigh is made up of sisters, Robyn Gillespie & Ryleigh Gillespie. The two have released their second album on January 15, 2016 which is entitled “By Heart”. “By Heart” features seven rockin’ country tracks.

The album starts with the title track, and as soon as it began I knew I was hooked. These girls are full-fledge country stars on the rise! The second song, “Rockstar” has to be my favourite, it’s upbeat, fun and possesses a mixture of country, rock and pop, which I surely enjoyed!

Whether you’re looking for a pure country tune, or an upbeat jam, this album has you covered. “Home Wrecker” is another that immediately had my attention. It’s quite apparent that I tend to enjoy upbeat tracks, but that being said, “Better Tomorrow” is a bit slower song, and a bit less rockin’, although shows how talented and versatile the girls are.

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