Show Review – Sheamara, Saishubi & Gold Complex

By: Cassandra Popescu

Who: Shaemara, Saishubi, Gold Complex
When: December 18th
Where: Adelaide Hall, Toronto

The weather outside was frightful, but inside the music was so delightful as Gold Complex brought their energetic, funky sound to Adelaide Hall. The show featured support from the equally exhilarating, jazzy Saishubi and solo pop artist Shaemara.

Opening the night was Shaemara with her unique fusion of pop and R&B influences. The singer’s show featured an artistic display of a projection screen lighting her up with abstract images and natural wonders. This tied in perfectly with her music, which was wistful and dreamy in nature. Breathy vocals, layers of soft electronic elements, and laid-back rhythms all contribute to Shaemara’s ambient take on modern music. The singer also ensured to make full use of the stage as she gracefully moved about the whole space and engaged the crowd to come dance with her, and even jumped into the audience at one point. My favourite songs from the night included Swimming and Diamond Oceans.



Saishubi hit the stage next and brought up the energy, getting everyone up on their feet and dancing right away. This band draws on everything that is good in the jazz and funk worlds, and puts on a high energy show that makes even the most reluctant dancers eagerly join the crowd. Persistent bass lines, funky beats, and excited brass instruments combined with infectious melodies and confident stage presence (plus cool sunglasses) is what makes this band so much fun to watch live. Be sure to check them out for a good party.




Gold Complex closed the night with a set full of a soulful fusion of R&B, pop, and jazz. The group’s blend of all these elements is what contributes to their dynamic, unstoppable sound. It’s the type of music that hits you when the first chord strikes, taking over and urging the audience to dance, groove, and have a good time. Tight beats, funky riffs, impressive falsetto and an energy that just won’t quit are what make Gold Complex absolutely flawless. While it’s clear that all the members are highly skilled musicians, the fact that they have so much fun on stage is what ties it all together. If you ever have a chance to check this band out, do it. Don’t even hesitate. But in the mean time, check out their single Backbone off of their latest self-titled EP.





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