Countdown to Christmas – Favourite Christmas Movies/ Specials

We’re having so much fun sharing some of Canada’s talented artists/bands Christmas favourites with you. The fun started on Dec 19th with “First Thoughts of Christmas“, and continued yesterday with “Favourite Christmas Songs“. Today, we are on to our next topic, which is a fun one…

What is your favourite Christmas movie or special?

“I’m gonna have to say the Grinch movie. I can never get enough of Jim Carrey.” –Andrew Rodgers (Fairgale)

It’s a Wonderful Life! “ –Tyler Wilkinson (Small Town Pistols)

“Home Alone, for sure!” –Made Them Lions


I just discovered “The Holiday”, which is from about five years ago, and totally fell in love! “ –Ali Raney (The Lovelocks)

“”Nightmare Before Christmas” was always my go to as a little kid. There was definitely a time when I knew every word of that movie verbatim.” –Andrew Phelan (The River & The Road)

Charlie Brown Christmas.” – Kintaro Akiyama (Birds Of Bellwoods)

Elf is definitely a classic. SANTA’S COMING!!” –Cadence Grace (Runaway Angel)

The Walt Disney cartoon movie.” –Antonio Piretti

Gotta go with A year without a Santa Claus. The version that doesn’t have John Goodman in it.” –Jason Golden (Kayd)

The Fireplace Channel. Or maybe ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’” –Stephen Joffe (Birds of Bellwoods)

It’s A Wonderful Life” –Braiden (Blackwell)

Christmas Vacation, hands down.” –Bobby Wills


The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” –Lauren Kurdyak (The Katherines)

Home Alone/Charlie Brown’s Christmas.” –Brad Wells (Another North)

I haven’t watched any of these in so damn long! I think I’d be interested in watching some of the old claymation stuff again. I should do that.” –Sheldon Stenning (Air Combat)

Ernest Saves Christmas.. with Bad Santa coming is close 2nd.” –Bryce Smith (Rival Town)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Used to have it on VHS.” –Chantel Emond (French Press)

Muppet Christmas Carol.” –Chris Blades (Birds of Bellwoods)

I’m old school so I still love me some Old School original Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!” –Clayton Bellamy

Like Christmas songs there are many great Christmas movies but nothing beats “Home Alone”. 1 or 2!” –Cory Marquardt

Favourite movie would be the Grinch with Jim Carey, always found it hilarious!” –Curtis Hayes (Shark Week)

“The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen” – Stu Kawai (Kayd)


THE GRINCH!!!” –Danielle Marie

“Jingle All The Way!” –Dave Shears (RocketRocketShip)

I love Elf!  Its adorable and I can watch it any time of the year!” –Stacey Zegers (Runaway Angel)

Hands down White Christmas. It’s an oldie but it’s perfect, the music is fantastic and the story is pretty timeless. Also Jingle all the Way. I’m a sucker for Schwarzenegger.” –Evan Aucoin (Port of Call)

Muppet Christmas Carol.” –Catherine Allan (Fortunate Ones)

White Christmas” – Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher  (The Katherines)

Serendipity” – Max Kolosov

The one with the super creepy felt snowman with the spiky teeth… Rudolph?” –Adrian Morningstar (Birds of Bellwoods)

“A Christmas Story” of course!! “You’ll shoot your eye out…” Classic” –Scott Gilbert


I was never much of a Chistmas movie sort of kid, I just found them all sort of redundant.” –Matt Stinn (Friends of Foes)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” –Harry Parsons (London Above)

Home Alone” –Roy Viser (Jon and Roy)

“Got to be Jingle All The Way! Or a Christmas story which I watched on repeat for 24 hours one year” –Jordan Coaker (Waterfront Fire)

The live-action version of The Grinch. That is a classic for sure. Or the Christmas movie I was in with George Canyon a few years ago called “Coming Home For Christmas”, I have to love that one by default.” –Jordan McIntosh

A Christmas Story” – Andrew James O’Brien (Fortunate Ones)

“The classics like ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ are great to watch… every few years. J And last year Cailin + I watched the ‘Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ which was fun to see again after many years. I think the one that has stuck with me the most is ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ which I actually saw the first time it aired in Edmonton (yes, I AM that old!) I loved the music even back then. The lilt of those tunes, performed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, are great. It’s 50 years now since that came out and the last surviving member of that trio is drummer Jerry Granelli, who lives here in Halifax and is a huge contributor to the musical community here. ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is a real ‘classic’ for me.” –Robert Campbell

“I gotta go with Elf on this one, that movie is hilarious. I think my whole family would have to agree with me on this one, we watch it every year. One of my good buddies is in it too so we get a good kick out of that.” –Justin Mattock

Love Actually.” –Kate Kurdyak (The Katherines)

Die hard 2” – Grant Kawai (Kayd)

Miracle on 34th Street (1994)!!” –Kirsten Rodden-Clarke (Quote The Raven)


Christmas Evil (1999) – A cartoon made using MS Paint. Its like a shittier south park made in Canada. Its kinda funny and shows how quaint the early days of the internet were.” –Louis Wu (Fake Shark Real Zombie)

White Christmas, hands down! I watch it every Christmas eve!” –Zoe Neuman (The Lovelocks)

As terrible as it may sound a scary movie called “Black Christmas” (the old version). I love horror movies!” –Seamus O’Neill

I love The Christmas Story and the CMA Christmas Special!” –Madeline Merlo

Elf plays a few times in our household over the holidays but I love It’s a wonderful life & white Christmas.  classics!” –Marty Zylstra

Elf! “OMG SANTAAAAA!!, I know him!”” –Kayd

“Jingle All The Way – Arnold gives an oscar worthy performance in this holiday classic. I’m actually watching it right now.. “PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN!! NOOOWWW!!!” gold.” – Kristian Montano (Sun K)

“I would say it’s Home Alone 1 or Elf” –Mike Robins (Autumn Hill)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation has become something of a tradition around my house. I’ve also enjoyed watching The Grinch and all the other classic Christmas cartoons with my daughter Gabey!” –Patrick Ballantyne

“It’s family tradition that we spend one day in our pajamas watching It’s A Wonderful Life”–Amanda Wilkinson (Small Town Pistols)


In my family we always watch “A Christmas Story” and then have a Star Trek marathon. Because you know… nerds.” – Ann Chaplin (Runaway Angel)

Home alone is a classic. The first is the best but the others are pretty good too….that or Christmas Vacation…Or Scrooge with Bill Murray…or the claymation Chris Kringle one? Too many…” –Chris Milligan (Sea Perry)

The Star Wars Christmas Special. (That’s right, I went there)” – Mat Beyore (Kayd)

The Goonies! I watch it every year. My brother and I loved that movie growing up. It’s got all the good stuff: teenage angst, childhood wonderment, villains, Pirates,  treasure and boo I traps? Yes please!” –Steph MacPherson

It’s a Wonderful Life” –Steven Hardy

How The Grinch Stole Christmas. “Where are you, Christmas?” Gets me everytime! And as honourable mention: Die Hard.” – Ryan MacDonald (The Honest Heart Collective)

“Elf! “ –Tim Chaisson


The Holiday… Love Actually… White Christmas… The Polar Express… Do we have to pick just one? We are in LOVE with Christmas movies! It is a Kennedy family tradition to give each other new pajamas on Christmas Eve and watch a holiday movie together.” –Twin Kennedy

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