Countdown To Christmas: First Thoughts

At Canadian Beats, we decided to ask some of Canada’s talented artists a series of five holiday themed questions. Each day starting today (December 19) until December 23 we will feature one of these questions, and answers from over 50 of your favourite artists/ bands!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Christmas?

I’ve had more Australian Christmas’ than Canadian, so I’m always imagining 30 degree afternoons and Summer storms. Not exactly the White Christmas memories from the movies. – Andrew Phelan (The River & The Road)

Whiskey – Andrew Rodgers (Fairgale)

The Christmas tree, the Nativity Crib, Santa and some Christmas songs. -Antonio Piretti

Spending time with my family, and listening to Christmas music while decorating the tree 🙂 –Braiden (Blackwell)

Snow! –Mat Beyore (Kayd)

Watching the kids open gifts! –Bobby Wills

Christmas Parties and shows. – Brad Wells (Another North)

It may seem cliché, my first thought is my parents and little brother. I moved out about six years ago and only get to see my parents a few times a year. As soon as the holidays roll around, I start getting excited to spend some time with my close family. –Bryce Smith (Rival Town)

Drinking, overeating, family, and friends. –Chantel Emond (French Press)

eat drink and be merry_thumb[1]

The first thing that Comes to mind is my Children. Making sure they have a great Christmas and still remember the reason we are celebrating it.  For the birth of Jesus Christ. –Clayton Bellamy

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Christmas is spending time with friends and family. Being thankful for what I have, the people I have in my life and just enjoying that special time with them. –Cory Marquardt

The first thing that comes to mind is family! –Curtis Hayes (Shark Week)

Spending time with my family! –Danielle Marie

The ‘Nog. –Chris Blades (Birds Of Bellwoods)

A short break from everyday life to relax and enjoy time with loved ones. –Dave Shears (RocketRocketShip)

Luge lessons. – Stu Kawai (Kayd)

I think of all of my families traditions. Every Christmas Eve we watch White Christmas together and then Christmas morning we have chocolate chip pancakes before we open presents. –Evan Aucoin (Port Of Call)

Love. I think about quality time with friends and family in a relaxed setting. Sometimes the holidays can get a bad wrap for being pressure-filled and consumer-driven… But I think it’s what you make it.-Catherine Allan (Fortunate Ones)

“Hmmm, ok, it’s the 23rd. I should probably start shopping.” –Harry Parsons (London Above)

I like the fact that time seems to slow down during the holidays. –Roy Viser (Jon and Roy)

Anxiety over impending family time. – Stephen Joffe

Spending time with all my friends and family and of course Christmas music! –Jordan Coaker (Waterfront Fire)

Lights all over the city! – Stacey Zegers (Runaway Angel)

Family, Food and Hot Chocolate! – Mike Robins (Autumn Hill)


Family. Eating baked goods with my family. –Jordan McIntosh

The first thing that comes to my mind is Family, friends, and food. Christmas, and pretty much the whole month of December is my favourite time of year. I get to see my friends and family all the time, and everyone just seems to be in a better mood. Not to mention the amount of rum and eggnog I get to drink. –Justin Mattock

Family time by the fire. Just hanging out, reading, and listening to Christmas albums.- Kate Kurdyak (The Katherines)

Christmas Decorations –Kayd

How many times will I see Elf without ever actually trying to watch Elf?-Louis Wu (FakeShark/Real Zombie)

Family! We have a lot of get togethers over Christmas. Nothing beats being able to spend time with them.-Kirsten Rodden-Clarke (Quote The Raven)

Magical times with friends and family. And presents, of course! –Zoe Neuman (The Lovelocks)

Family.  My family is really important to me and the best part about Christmas is that regardless of where you are or what you’re doing the world stops.  Most stores are closed, most people have the day off, and you can stop what you’re doing and spend a moment together.  The thing with family is this: when time gets tough, you have family.  That’s who you have.  They are there.  Friends are great and friends are who you share your fun experiences with but family is who you call when things are impossible.  That’s why it’s important to me that on Christmas, you take a couple of hours and sit down with your brother, sister, mom, dad, wife, children, and look back on the year, have some laughs and enjoy love.-Marty Zylstra

When I think of Christmas and the holidays what comes to mind is good music, great food and amazing people. It’s just a time that we can celebrate the birth of Jesus and spend time with the people that we love. Everything about this time of year just has a certain kind of magical quality!-Madeline Merlo

As a kid my parents always used to take my siblings and I around town to see all the houses lit up… come to think of it, that seems sorta weird now….But that. –Matt Stinn (Friends of Foes)

Eating cookies with my siblings in our matching pajamas. – Lauren Kurdyak (The Katherines)

The Batman Utility belt I received from Santa in 1966.-Patrick Ballantyne


I took this initially as ‘first memory’ of Christmas…
I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta with 3 older brothers. We always had a pile of presents under the tree, mandarin oranges in the bottom of stockings and too much turkey dinner with cousins. We would play with our toys and play games until we were told to go outside and go tobogganing in the river valley or skating at the rink, which was sometimes in our backyard.
We would pull on our leather moccasins and have18 layers of clothes and hats and balaclavas and be gone for hours. Our hands and feet would get so cold they would burn when we got back inside. Hot chocolate and cookies and the smell of the Christmas tree, the fireplace with wrapping paper, aflame under birch logs… and the little ornament that I would always place above a light, ‘just so’, and the little propeller inside would spin with the heat from the bulb, and it would gently flicker in the light… that’s some of what makes up my Christmas reverie.-
Robert Campbell

Going home! –Ann Chaplin (Runaway Angel)

Putting up the tree while Christmas music plays in the background with the kids helping out if course.-Scott Gilbert

That is pretty unanimous with all of us, family and getting everyone together. –Sea Perry

Being together around a delicious meal with family, and all that Christmas cheer you feel when you’re looking for gifts for loved ones and running errands before the holidays.-Ali Raney (The Lovelocks)

Lights!!! I used to play a game me and my dad made up called “I See More” where as soon as we saw people starting to put up their Christmas lights we would play. While we were going anywhere in the car we would both have to keep our eyes open for Christmas lights and when you spotted them you had to shout out “I See More!!” Each one counted for a point haha. –Seamus O’Neill


This is going to sound strange… but kiwi birds are one of the first things that pop into my mind 
when I think of Christmas. “Santa” used to tag all of his Christmas cards to us with the same little
kiwi bird as my Dad. (He’s from New Zealand) Dead giveaway. 😉 I played dumb for years.-
Steph MacPherson

Madness!!!! –Steven Hardy

My old house in Oakville. –  Kristian Montano (Sun K)

Mom’s Christmas baking, eggnog, airports, credit card bills, and shoveling snow. I know it’s more than one thing but when I think of Christmas all these things hit me at the same time. –Ryan MacDonald (The Honest Heart Collective)

Family, friends, good food, partying, music and more partying. –Tim Chaisson

Ice storms and whiskey tasting. – Kintaro Akiyama (Birds Of Bellwoods)

Radio programming, This is the only time of a year when I listen to a mainstream radio. – Max Kolosov

Warm fires and endless baking. – Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher  (The Katherines)

The lights! It’s easily my favourite part of Christmas. I used to lay in bed late at night when I was a kid and stare out my bed room window at all the different coloured christmas lights in my neighbourhood. It makes me nostalgic.-Sheldon Stenning (Air Combat)

Santa! – Jason Golden (Kayd)


Spending time with family! –Cadence Grace (Runaway Angel)

Family, friends, good food, and Christmas carols! –Twin Kennedy

John candy! –Grant Kawai (Kayd)

My mum always makes enough cookies to feed an entire neighbourhood for weeks. Four different kinds, sometimes more. She makes these gingerbread cookies every year though and always gets the whole family to decorate them with icing. Every year my designs get sloppier, on purpose of course. It’s a running joke. Making the ugliest Gingerbread man really is an art form. –Adrian Morningstar (Birds of Bellwoods)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to find out their favourite Christmas songs are!

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