Review – Trench Town Oddities & Winston Marley

By: Jenna Melanson

Album – Bonk!
Release Date – Available Now
Download Link –**k!-ep/id1017416167
Genre – Rock

Acoustic folk-rock band, the Trench Town Oddities have teamed up with rock-reggae band, Winston Marley to create a split CD entitled “Bonk!” which was released earlier this year. Both of the Ontario based bands contributed 2 new songs to the release, but to make things more interesting they also each released a cover version of their favourite song by the other band.

I love the idea behind this album; with two super talented bands working together to create quality content.  As soon as the first Trench Town Oddities song began, I knew I would love their part of the album. “I’m Doing Fine” was my favourite, and I thoroughly enjoyed their cover of “Call Off The Search” which is originally done by Winston Marley.

When the three songs by Winston Marley began, I noticed the reggae influence and enjoyed it, especially “Good As Gold”, which is very upbeat and has a catchy beat. It’s always interesting to hear bands covered other bands, and to see what they do differently on the songs. This was no exception; I greatly enjoyed their cover of “End Up Here”.

Take a listen to this album for something unique and fun. I’m all for more bands getting on this bandwagon and doing split releases, it seems like a lot of fun!

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