By: Jenna Melanson

Album – BRONZE
Release Date – November 3, 2015
Download Link –
Genre – Dance/ Pop/ R&B

TOO ATTACHED is made up of two siblings, Shamik and Vivek, based in Toronto. The duo released an album entitled “Bronze” on November 3rd which is made up of five tracks and features samples by Missy Elliott, The Rascals and more.

Although this isn’t my normal listening preference, when “Snake” started playing, I thought it was very catchy and it really intrigued me. It has a very electronic sound, mixed with a pop vibe that cannot be denied, as well as many R&B influences.

The final song, “Sincerely” is the other that caught my attention, it’s a slower track that tickles the senses, and made its way into my head, and camped there for a bit. It has an ambient vibe that immediately put me in a relaxed state.

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