Review – VantaBlack Warship

By: Adam Van Thiel

EP – VantaBlack Warship
Release Date- October 9, 2015
iTunes Link –
Genre: Metal

Montreal metal masters VANTABLACK WARSHIP have loosed a devastating whirlwind with their self-titled debut album. A fine tuned, churning and completely dark collage of intense riffs, thunderous drums and immense, ear damaging vocals are stitched together into something truly ominous.

The album plays like giant mechanical gears grinding to life, slow and ponderous at first, but soon the warship comes alive taking a number of themes like current global events and politics into its crosshairs, utterly destroying them with a menacing mix of thrash, punk and death metal that is un-believably catchy.

Overall the album is an incredible first effort and well deserves a listen!!!!!

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