Review – Jennifer Budd

By: Jenna Melanson

Album – Lip Service
Release Date – November 13, 2015
Bandcamp Link –
Genre – Soul/ R&B

Hamilton, ON based soul/ R&B singer-songwriter,  Jennifer Budd has released her debut album, “Lip Service” today. The album features ten full length tracks that will have you completely mesmerized. The talent that Jennifer possesses is immediately relevant when the first song, “Church” starts to play, and continues to show throughout the whole album.

To choose a favourite on this album would be impossible for me, therefore I am not even going to try. There is the perfect mixture of slow and upbeat tracks, all of which are intense and soulful. By the time that the final track on the album, “In the Morning” begins to play you are sure to be hooked, and want to start the album over again from the start, don’t fight that urge, cause it’s even better the second listen through, you will more than likely hear things you didn’t notice the first time, and love it even more.

Jennifer Budd is definitely one to watch out for, because I can imagine that great things are coming for her!

Connect with Jennifer Budd:

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