Show Review – Hells Bells & The Cox

By: Nicole Wolfe

When: October 31, 2015
Venue: Roxy Sideroom
Where: Barrie, Ontario

Devil’s Night was ushered in, in a truly fitting way when Canadian Tribute band for AC/DC, Hells Bells, performed to a crowd of vampires, skeletons, Minions and bang-on impersonation of Brian Johnson and Angus Young.

The Cox, hailing from Toronto, donned bowties and removed their shirts (with the exclusion of their femme fatale drummer, Emma Sunstrum who led the rhythm section with a badass, confident demeanour) and performed a set complete with raunchy and heavy punk music.  Lead vocalist Mark Zapata shredded on his guitar while bass player Mike Buss laid down some seriously intense bass beats as they revealed their tremendous talent as an indie band.  I found myself wanting more music from The Cox at the end of their set and vowed to make a point of seeing them again in the near future.





Hells Bells created an atmosphere of nostalgia through costumes and mannerisms that perfectly portrayed the rock legends they covered.  The first set gave tribute to the earlier years of AC/DC when Bon Scott reigned supreme while the second set paid homage to the more recent years of the band, since the addition of Brian Johnson.  At times I was completely persuaded that I was in the presence of the rock legends themselves.  The vocals were completely convincing and I was mesmerized by the guitar work of “Angus Young”.  All of the mandatory ‘must-hear’ songs were covered.  A particular highlight was when the band introduced their second set with an amazing cover of Hells Bells, the song that band is made famous for.






Sometimes watching a cover band is a hit or miss experience.  I was fully prepared to overlook the ‘cheese factor’ that often is exhibited.  However, these hard rocking individuals successfully proved that there is an important place for them in the local music scene.  Their performance was a wonderful display of what happens when attention to detail is paired up with superior talent.

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