Review – Future States

By: Sarah Ballagh

EP- Cassiopeia
Release Date- October 11  2015
Download Link –
Genre- Indie/Rock

The band Future States are releasing their second EP soon, which they recorded in a cabin in the Haliburton Highlands.  I’m sure most certainly that was an inspirational location to do their recordings this summer.  Upon my first listen a few things stood out to me, this band likes to experiment.  The sounds and different styles melded into their music seems to reflect a unique electronic influence that I am noticing is coming around again, but not in the same way it was once used.

“Good Luck” reminded me a little bit of “The War on Drugs”, with the synth/electronic uses throughout the song, actually the entire EP is touching on that as an inspiration it seems. The song “Mamma Bear” came across as funky, with what I would call almost a cosmic sound.

For me this EP would be something I would probably listen to if I wanted to relax, or if I’d had a stressful day.  It’s something I could throw on, get some things done or maybe even just relax on the couch for a listen.

I found the vocals to be whispery even a little bit dream-like.  I’m not sure what I would really classify their genre as personally, as it does have a different sound than simply just indie rock.  Maybe I would call it Indie Dream Rock?!

I would certainly keep an eye on this band- to see what they come out with next.

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