Countdown to BeatBoxCan – Q&A with Mitch X

By: Jenna Melanson

It’s time for our sixth day in our  Countdown to BeatBoxCan, otherwise known as the Canadian Beatboxing Championships which are being held tonight in Toronto, doors open at 7pm! We have had fun with these features and if you missed the previous ones, be sure to check out our Q&A’s with Soundrax , JaegerHybrid, Sparx and Tim Feng.

Today we have Mitch X from Toronto, so be sure to check out what he has to say!

When did you first start beatboxing?

I first started beatboxing back in grade 10 when a friend of mine started doing it and I got hooked ever since. I’ve also been beatboxing for about 6 years now.

What is it like to be a part of the 6th Annual Canadian Beatbox Championships?

It is very exciting to be part of the 6th annual Canadian beatbox champs, the scene in Canada is beginning to grow and I feel so honored to be one of the competitors to be entertaining the crowed and pushing the scene forward.

What sort of preparation does a beatbox performance entail?

Preparing for a beatbox performance/battle isn’t easy but also depends on each artist. Some artist like to go in and have all of their routines memorized, while others enjoy the spontaneous feeling of freestyling. Preparing for a performance takes dedication, you need to be prepared mentally and physically.

You will be joined by the top 16 beatboxers from all across Canada, is there anyone you are most excited to see perform?

I am really excited to see Simon perform I have never met him and really enjoyed his submission video.

What advice would you give someone just started out with Beatboxing?

The best advice I can give someone who just started out beatboxing is focus the majority of your practicing on musicality and being original. The average person who never really herd a beatboxer before will be much more amazed from musicality over technicality.

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