Review – TERRIAN

By: Katt Keuleman

Album: Terrian
Release Date: Friday, April 24, 2015
iTunes Link:
Genre: Electronic Pop

On Friday, April 24th Teresa Dzavik, also known as new recording artist TERRIAN, graduated from MacEwan University’s music program and dropped her first self-titled EP. What a way to celebrate your graduation! Most people just get overpriced flowers from their family and go out for a big night of eating and drinking. The Edmonton native combines her more familiar pop genre with electronic sounds on her debut EP to create all that is TERRIAN.

Electronic music has never been my go to, however I found the five-track EP to be an enjoyable, easy listen. Filled with sincere love songs, TERRIAN’s EP is youth, naïve and full of promise. With the perfect soft and sweet voice for a pop singer, it is clear that TERRIAN has the talent to go far.

Showing this much initiative and dedication so early on in her career is definitely going to pay off.  She is only bound to accomplish more as she gets the chance to collaborate and work with more established artists in the industry. Follow TERRIAN on social media to keep up with upcoming shows and everything else.

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