Video released by Liam Keddy

By: Jenna Melanson

Toronto, ON based rock artist, Liam Keddy released a video for “Bad Dream” back in August, and we thought it was the perfect time to share it with you, being Halloween and all! Below you will see a write up that KEDDY himself did for the song.

Bad dream is a monologue sung by a “conjured spirit” which is forced to aid the revengeful warpath of its antagonist/host/conjurer.
Its esoteric meaning is a for the audience to debate internally. “Modern culture’s desire to repress the individuals “birthright” to foresee all morality and compensate through gorging by virtue of materialism along “pop-nihilism”.

Any message and/or teachings of the past lost in the initial “book-burning fire” of the dark ages alongside “the book within” the secret meaning behind the “Tetragrammaton, the number 72 and Jesus name “Jehovah” in Hebrew . The Book within is our thirst to know. If there is thirst we cannot be wrong in the end.  In our”Big bad house” the conjurer remains in forever and when passing may never escape as they long for nothing. “Nothing ventured nothing gained””

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