Review – Claire Coupland

By: Jenna Melanson

EP – For You
Release Date – May 2015
Download Link –
Genre – Folk

Victoria BC born, Toronto ON based artist, Claire Coupland released a three song EP entitled “For You” in May 2015. The EP was recorded in the studio at Humber College and has garnered a lot of positive feedback.

The opening track, “Alone” immediately shows Claire’s vocal and songwriting talents. This is the type of song that will stick in my head for days, and on top of that, the song evokes a calming effect.

I personally find that three songs were not enough, as I enjoyed each of them and wanted to hear more. The final track, “The Dream” quickly had me entranced, as the music is slightly hypnotizing and Claire’s vocals follow suit, creating a hauntingly beautiful arrangement.

If you’re like me, and these three songs aren’t enough, be sure to check out her previous release, “Lonely Heart” while you’re browsing around her Bandcamp!

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