Review – Blue Sky Miners

By:  Sarah Ballagh

EP- Blue Sky Miners (self titled)
Release Date- October 23, 2015
Genre- Rocky Mountain Desert Rock

The Blue Sky Miners are a five piece band currently based in Toronto, and are most definitely one to keep an eye on.  Their sound is a mix of melodic strong harmonies, that leave you wondering where a band like this has been.

While listening to their new self titled EP, I was taken on a ride full emotions. It’s one of those that you just sit down, you listen and really do “Get lost” in the music.  It was needless to say one of my favorite EP’s of recent months.

The first single off the EP is Cold Water, a dreamy, folky tune.  My other favorite was “Are you Lost”, a forlorn yet catchy composition.  This EP feels so relaxed, filled with beautiful lyrics, catchy riffs, and strong elegant vocals. I am in love with the mix of male and female vocals featured in this band, and I look forward to hearing more from them as they progress.

Having finished up a West Coast tour and having done a few shows locally in recent weeks, I hope to see this band live in the future.  Make sure to check out their EP release party in Toronto today (October 23, 2015).

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