Review – Cam Abstract

By: B Hartling

Album – Intrepid Music
Release Date – August 7, 2015
Itunes Link – www.
Genre – electronic/hip hop

I love the idea of combining hip hop and electronic music, if there are any genres in my mind that beg for more interplay it is exactly these two. Burlington, Ontario son Cam Abstract attempts precisely this with his debut EP Intrepid Music. An experimental choice for a first offering, Cam scores big in many areas with this release. The programming throughout is pretty solid with some infectious hooks that will pull you in. The Love in particular is one of the catchier tracks on the EP and I found myself hard pressed to sit still instead of dancing along.

Vocally however, the album falls apart on me. Though Cam does have a serviceable voice, his rap skills; as displayed on the first track Let’s Fly; are by far stronger than his singing. The vocal inconsistencies over much of the album leave one with the feeling they’ve just sat through a Saturday night karaoke session rather than a professional collaboration with the likes Mike La Tona (think Skrillex) and Dan Weston (Classified). Unfortunately there is very little range or ability to emote showcased throughout the recording. It is not completely lacking though, which leads me to believe that it’s not a lack of talent but a need for training.

If you are in it for the music itself there are plenty of interesting sequences and chill grooves to make it worth giving a listen. However; for those who are unforgiving when it comes to vocal quality I have to say this is one to take a pass on. Despite this, the closing track, Day Dreamin’, makes me think that with a bit more experience and some effort put in to even out the vocal inconsistencies Cam will definitely be an artist to watch.

Rating: 3/5

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