Pre-Release Review – The Brood

By: B Hartling

Album – Deranged Love EP
Release Date – October 23, 2015
Coming soon –
Genre – eclectic rock

Quirky Halifax quartet, The Brood, is a hard act to categorize… other than to say they don’t forget to be awesome. Think new wave, meets rock n roll with a bit of swing all rolled up into an epic acid trip and you start to get close to describing their sound. We got a taste of this on their debut EP All Debit, No Credit and October 23 they expand on that sonic experience with their follow up release, a 6 track EP titled Deranged Love.

The band gave me a sneak preview of the new album and I can promise this, existing fans will not be disappointed by any stretch of the imagination! The catchy grooves from start to finish will definitely hook them more than a few new diehards; starting with the video release, on October 16, of the first single Birthday. The dreamy 60s vibe of this track is bound to leave audiences swaying to the beat dreaming of sun soaked beaches and sand between their toes.

Everything on this EP is tight and polished, from the interplay between Siobhan’s keyboards and Matty’s drums (which at points is more appropriately likened to a conversation than anything else), Seamus’ guitar and vocals to Billy’s driving bass lines. Everything we loved about The Brood is here tenfold… including a reprisal of All Debit, No Credit.

The highlight of the album for me is I’m Giving up on Rock & Roll, a drum and bass driven rock song with a dash of rockabilly swing and overtones of Full Moon Fever era Tom Petty. At times during this track I was convinced Matty was channeling Steve Lynch. From start to finish Deranged Love is exactly what I expected from The Brood only 10 times better. This one is a definite must buy.

Rating: 5/5

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