Review – Poor Young Things

By: Sarah Ballagh

EP- Force of Nature
Release Date- October 9, 2015

The Poor Young things hail from Thunder Bay, Ontario, and have just released their third compilation “Force of Nature”.  Their first was released in 2012, with “Let it Sleep”, followed by a full album in 2013.  This band has been busy over the last few years.

The lead single off this EP will be “Like an Animal”, which is an upbeat feel good song, I would put this on as a mood lifter anyday. At first I couldn’t figure out why I had heard some of these songs already, it was because I caught part of their set at the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington, ON earlier in June!

I generally found the EP something I would play when I’m in a very happy mood. I also quite enjoyed “The eye of the storm”, with its poetic lyrics such as “ It’s the ones with the heart that have all the power”.  It’s a very catchy song, that I bet you’ll enjoy.

Hurricane closes out the EP with a slower pace than the other songs, but a welcome ending to a very fun and and entertaining collection of songs.

Rating: 5/5

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