Pre-Release Review – The Long Distance Runners

By: Nicole Wolfe

LP – Elements
Release Date – October 9, 2015
Link –
Genre – Indie Rock/Country

The Long Distance Runners are an independent rock/country group from St. Johns, NL.  They are set to release their third full-length album, Elements, on October 9, 2015.  Its release will be celebrated in a hometown show at the Rock House on that day.  They have described their music as a “heavy hybrid of psychedelic rock n’ roll with country influences”.  The Long Distance Runners draw influence from such musical greats as The Beach Boys, and The Kinks to create a sound that is mind-expanding, yet calming.

Ironically, the name Elements lends itself beautifully to the sonic landscape of the album.  It is a mosaic of different influences, meanings, and sounds that all come together to create an unequivocally surreal listening experience.  The Single You Gotta Remind Me is a perfect example of this.  Simple, yet eloquent components including soft melodies, sharp rhythms on the snare drum and hazy reverb create a tune that is far from conventional.  The listener is carried away on an emotionally-charged voyage, allowing for music that is steeped with nostalgia, flavoured mildly with hints of the Beatles.

Continuing the theme of simplicity is the song, Asleep Awake.  Its opening bars present a single, solo voice with only the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, strumming out an easygoing melody.  The song builds to a sad, yet striking arrangement of guitars in the chorus.  Asleep Awake is a notable moment on the album, worthy of recognition and an in-depth listen.

A tour in support of the album will occur in the spring.  Be sure to follow The Long Distance Runners on their various social media platforms to keep up to date with tour announcements and other news, and to watch the video for their single, You Gotta Remind Me.

Rating: 4/5

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