Ryan Laird & The Bigger Than That Bullying Prevention Tour

By: Jenna Melanson

Canadian country artist, Ryan Laird just returned from an East Coast tour with The Bigger Than That! Bullying Prevention & Youth Empowerment campaign. Ryan had stops in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Ontario throughout the tours, stopping at schools in each place, after he attended the CCMA Awards in Halifax.

Ryan sent us along some highlights of the CCMA Awards/ The Bigger Than That! campaign:

  • During the CCMA Awards, he had the chance to hang out and spend time with Tim Hicks, Autumn Hill, Gord Bamford, Leah Daniels, Brett Kissel and many more friends!
  • Having educators approach him after the show to let him know that the child who spoke in front of the entire school suffers from severe anxiety or is a child who would normally never open up like they did.
  • Being able to serve as a lasting memory for Lauren at Rockingham Elementary for her mother to see her be presented with the leadership award in front of the entire school. Unfortunately days later, Lauren’s mother passed away

We were supplied for some photos from the campaign tour, which are happy to share with you all now!

RL Maritimes Rockingham Elementary

*Rockingham Elementary*

RL Maritimes Tour Donald Fraser Memorial

*Donald Fraser Memorial*

RL Maritimes Havelock School and St. Patricks

*Havelock and St. Patricks*

RL Maritimes Lakefield Elementary

*Lakefield Elementary*

RL Maritimes New Ross

RL Maritimes New Ross Consolidated

*New Ross*

RL Maritimes Robert Kemp Elementary

*Robert Kemp Elementary*

For more information on Bigger Than That: www.BiggerThanThat.org

Connect with Ryan Laird:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryanlairdofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryanlaird

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