New video released by The Road Heavy

By: Nicole Wolfe

The Road Heavy, a southern rock and blues band from Toronto have been busy lately.  They have just finished an East Coast tour that ended with a show in Barrie, ON on September 12, 2015.  A full review of their show can be viewed here.  Their newest single, Your Place or Mine, hit the airwaves earlier this month and has been receiving airplay across the country.  Be sure to contact your local radio station to request this song!  It is available on SoundCloud and iTunes (

Pat James, lead vocalist for The Road Heavy, took us behind the music in a recent blog post on the band’s website, giving us some insight into the song.

“This song is a little bit deeper than a simple question, Your Place or Mine?  It’s all about submitting to our basic physical desires when faced with the failure of finding meaningful connections, especially when we’re looking for them in all the wrong places.  Not to worry friends, LOVE is out there and will smack you when you least expect it.”

In partnership with Lovejoy Productions, The Road Heavy has released a behind the scenes video of Your Place or Mine.  It features some captivating footage of their studio time when recording the single and is definitely worth checking out and sharing with your friends.

Like what you see?  Then, consider helping the band in the creation of future music videos.  They recently launched a Patreon page in support of this.  Check out their website for more details, and for a direct link to their Patreon page.

If you are in the Montreal area on Saturday, October 24th, be sure to stop in at The Rosewood to catch The Road Heavy in concert with Juno award winner Carole Pope.

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