Review – Tylor Dory Trio

By: Lindsay Newman

EP: Carried Away
Itunes Link:
Release Date, September 25th, 2015
Genre: Metal

The Tylor Dory Trio is a metal band from Edmonton, Alberta.  Tylor Dory has been in bands such as Death Toll Rising and Villanizer. The band has just released their debut EP in September. Tylor Dory Trio are Tylor Dory (vocals, guitar),  Slava Fedossenko (bass) and Jonathan Webster (drums).

The EP started off with the track “Time, The Beholder”. At first, I didn’t know what to think of it because it had a different beginning but as the song continued I started to enjoy it and caught myself nodding my head to the music.  The songs are all longer and I find that it’s hard to keep the listeners attention with longer tracks but when I was listening to the album I did not even pay attention to the length and I just realized the song changed. All of the tracks are different and that is one of the things I liked about the album.

One of my favourites on the album is the track “Carried Away” but all of the tracks have a different feel to them. If you are a metal fan I would suggest buying this EP because it is a must listen. If you are not a metal fan this album is still for you because in my opinion there is something there for everybody within the songs.

Rating: 4/5

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