Review – Wolf Saga

By: Cassandra Popescu

EP – Auburn Nights
Release Date – September 14, 2015
iTunes Link –
Genre – Synth-Pop

Wolf Saga’s latest EP release, titled Auburn Nights is a creative piece of synth-pop goodness that is the type of music that will lift any mood and get you up on your feet and rocking some embarrassing dance moves in your living room. Drawing musical influences from David Bowie and other classic 80’s artists, the EP mixes nostalgic themes together with current sounds, and adds its own take on modern music. Although Wolf Saga’s journey into electronic music began with remixes and covers of popular songs, Auburn Nights offers a taste of the artist’s own unique sound.

The EP is a collection of infectiously catchy feel good tunes that offer simple, easy to sing along to vocal lines. However, distorted guitars, upbeat rhythms and layers upon layers of background electronic sounds create deep textures and musical lines that mesh together to create the body of the songs. Every repetition of the tracks offer something new to the listener, and gets better each time as it takes several listens in order to fully hear every little component of the music. As if the musical density wasn’t enough, Wolf Saga takes it one step further and offers a lyrical authenticity that can only be achieved by those with immense passion and drive.

The title track off of the EP instantly captures attention with a cute little whistling tune that is then echoed back throughout the interludes between each verse, establishing a musical theme that brings the listener back to endless summer nights and falling in love at first sight. A humble vocal line tells a love story amongst an array of upbeat electronic beats, and a funky bass line. The bridge slows it down a little with sustained notes on the keyboard and the return of the whistle riff before picking it up to the final chorus. As the end of the song approaches, all the electronic themes that were subtly introduced in the verses return to resolve the tune, create a satisfying fullness, and to complete the love story. While all the songs on Auburn Nights are golden, this one has got to be my favourite and has taken the title of my new happy dance song.

With this EP, Wolf Saga is definitely onto something and I can’t wait to see what else this artist comes up with. Every track on Auburn Nights is a delight that can lift even the heaviest of hearts, and is worth a full listen.

Rating: 4/5

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