Countdown to KOI Music Fest – Q&A with Harbour

By: Jenna Melanson

KOI Music Festival takes place on September 25-27 in Kitchener, ON .KOI is quickly becoming known as one of the fastest growing Indie music festivals in Canada, and features a huge amount of awesome bands and artists. One of Canadian Beats writers, Cassandra Popescu will be attending the festival to give you all the coverage you want from KOI!

We are also happy to say that we will be doing this Countdown to KOI Music Fest, which will feature five great interviews with bands and also the director, Cory Crossman. Let’s start off our countdown with pop punk band, Harbour. We asked vocalist/bassist, Jamie Mittendorf a series of questions, which we are sure you will enjoy!

First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

We are the band Harbour, originally from Toronto, but all living in Brantford. We play old school pop punk. In our 3 and a half year career as a band we’ve released two records and have played over 200 shows in Canada, Japan and USA.

You will be playing KOI Music Festival this month, which is quickly becoming known as one of the fastest growing indie music festivals in Canada, how does it feel to play at this festival?

Honoured. We’ve been attending almost every year and it keeps getting bigger. Some of our favorite bands are playing (The Ataris, Teenage Bottlerocket, Hawthorne Heights) so it’s going to be a really fun day.

Is this your first time playing at KOI Music Festival?

It is not. Last year we played the ‘acoustic brunch’ with Four Year Strong and Courage My Love. Very intimate setting filled with bacon and eggs.

For someone who has yet to see you perform live, what can be expected?

We put on a show. We like to entertain the crowd. We play fast and energetic music and our live show is the same. You’ll be walking away from our set humming a chorus melody or two  😉

Do you have a favourite song that you like to perform live?

Everyone in the band has their favorites. We’ve been writing and recording new music that we feel is some of our best material yet, so we’re very excited to soon be playing those live.

You’re going to be sharing the stage with some great Canadian acts, are there any in specific that you are most excited to see?

A lot of the Canadian bands that are playing we’ve seen before, or we’re friends with. But, we’re very excited to see some of the American bands playing. Teenage Bottlerocket, one of my favorite bands, are performing and I’ve never seen them live before. Very excited to also see our good friends in Survay Says! and The Spacepimps.

What’s up next for you?

Right now we’re in the studio recording and writing a ton of new material. We don’t really take any breaks. We’re constantly touring around or writing new material. Next year will be a big year for us. We will be all over USA and Canada.

How can people find out more about you? What are your social media platforms?
Twitter / Instagram : harbour_toronto

Last but not least, is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

We perform a certain kind of ‘pop punk’ that may not be as popular as it was before. We like to stand out from the crowd and stay true to what we believe in. What i’m trying to say is, don’t let anyone else tell you how to live YOUR life. Do what makes you happy and what you believe in. The world is a cruel place but conforming to become someone you’re not will not fix the problem. Stand up and let your voice be heard. You are the unsung heroes of this world.

Come see us on the Seagrams stage on Saturday at 6:40PM! We’ll have some free goodies for everyone in attendance!

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