Review – Reno McCarthy

By: Heather Young

Album- Man of the City EP
Release Date- August 14th 2015
Genre- Alternative/Dance/Rock
Reno McCarthy is a UK born but Quebec raised musician. And when I say musician I mean it in every sense of the word. McCarthy wrote, produced, and arranged his latest  and sophomore EP “Man of the City” entirely himself. The EP “focuses on making people not only happy, but want to get on their feet and dance” as McCarthy describes it. And it certainly does just that.
The five song EP has a very disco era feel to it with fun and upbeat tracks like the title track “Man of the City” and “Just about to get happy”. But it also has more modern sounding alternative tracks like “They’re at it again” which sounds very much like it would do well on the alternative radio charts. Although the EP is a short example of the talent that is Reno McCarthy it definitely has something for everyones musical taste, and may even give you the urge to dig out those old bell bottoms at times.
I encourage you to not only check out Reno McCarthy’s “Man of the City” but also his previous EP entitled “Components of a Happy Life” that he released back in October 2013. And you can even head to his website and enjoy his cover of The Weekends “Can’t Feel My Face” because who doesn’t love a great cover. “Man of the City” gets an absolute two thumbs up from me, and now I will impatiently await a full length album from this incredible talented Canadian artist.
Rating: 4/5
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