Review – The Sole Pursuit

By: Nicole Wolfe

LP – Infinite Regress
Release Date – September 11, 2015
Link –
Genre – Indie Rock

Infinite Regress, a phrase that The Sole Pursuit describes as meaning that ‘no matter what you do, you always end up in the same place’, is the title of the Toronto based band’s newest album.  Its creation took three years and was fought with numerous glitches and difficulties.  However, the end result is one of passion and lyrical intensity, cementing the band as a force to be reckoned with in the rock music genre.  Simply put, the tenacity of The Sole Pursuit has given rise to a praiseworthy, emotionally-felt musical statement.

The album includes many moments that highlight a huge sonic shift in the band’s music.  The Rate of Exchange, for example, augments this sonic progression with adventurous instrumentation.  The brooding and heavy guitar sounds, primarily in the opening bars of the song compliment the powerful and meaningful lyrics, making this song an undeniable highlight of the album.

The lyrics for All Aside are poetic and propel the song as a stand-alone musical opus, befitting of being a single on the album.  The music is high energy and is peppered with punk music goodness that makes you want to groove along with the incredibly unforgettable song.

There is something to be said about persevering despite the odds being stacked against you.  Infinite Regress demonstrates that The Sole Pursuit is as close to flawless as they have ever been.  The band is currently on tour, stopping at many locations across Canada.  Come and join the party and check out all of the band’s social media platforms for more information about their music and the tour.

Rating: 5/5

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