Review – Pyramids On Mars

By: Adam Van Thiel

Album –  Echo Cosmic
Release Date-  September 8th
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Genre: Prog Rock/ Metal

Pyramids On Mars is an interesting glimpse into a sci-fi addicted mind.  From the intro track it becomes immediately obvious that Pyramids On Mars is an instrumental act that transcends traditional genre borders, owing heavily to the varied musical influences, like Yngwie Malmsteen. Echo Cosmic is the Pyramids On Mars’ second release following the self-titled debut in 2013.

Battle for Rome is an epic, swelling track that makes me wonder why it isn’t being used in a video game or in some 3d animated movie like Final Fantasy. The guitars  have such an interesting tone, and they certainly provide a perfect atmosphere for some epic quest or battle. Give this song a listen and try not imagining yourself in legionnaire armour charging through some northern European forest.

Rating: 4/5

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