Review – K-os

By: Nicole Wolfe

LP – Can’t Fly Without Gravity
Release Date – August 28, 2015
Link –
Genre – Rap/Pop

Toronto based rapper K-os released his sixth studio album on August 28. 2015.  Can’t Fly Without Gravity is a slightly unconventional approach to K-os’ music compared to its predecessors.  It creatively smudges the lines between rap and rock and reduces music-writing to its essentials in a holistic manner.

WiLD4TheNight (EgoLand), delivers catchy rhymes with a punchy bass line and demonstrates K-os’ talent as a successful rapper.  It is a creative triumph on the album.  However, it seemed oddly out of place ahead of the more pop-inspired tune Dance In Yo Car.  In its own right this song is masterfully crafted, but feels lost when juxtaposed beside aforementioned rap anthem.  His rap stride was soon put into balance again however, with the next song Hussle & Flow.

Turn Me Loose is a bright and shiny tune that displays more rock and pop based elements with electric guitar riffs and upbeat melodies.  It is a great example of the fluid and dynamic sonic progression of K-os as he experiments with different music genres on this album.

To a large extent, Can’t Fly Without Gravity contains several moments of musical genius.  Despite the unusual placement of some musical elements on the album, it satisfies rap music lover with deft rhythms while playfully introducing contrasting genres.

Rating: 3.5/5

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