Interview – Blue Sky Miners

By: Lindsay Newman

Folk rock Toronto band Blue Sky Miners have announced that they are releasing their debut EP on October 23rd.  They recently released the first single off the album on August 10th and it is available for a listen on CBC music. They are currently on a western tour and will be playing in Toronto in October. Make sure to check out their music and if they are in your area to check out their set.

As a band, who would you say you get your inspiration from? 

From the excellent people around us who are making positive waves in the music, social justice, and art worlds.

You recently released the first single off your debut EP, how has the response been so far?

The response to ‘Cold Water’ has been really exciting. The audiences we have played to have been very enthusiastic.

Speaking of the EP, how are you guys feeling knowing it’s being released in just a few months?

We feel great- we’re all really proud of how it came together and can’t wait for people to hear it! And we are really enjoying writing more while we wait for the release.

What was the writing process like for the EP?

We had a bunch of songs prepped to record that were more or less ready to go. Once we started pre-production however, we started getting more of a sense of the EP as a whole, began re-arranging structures, listening to our producer’s feedback and ended up writing a bunch more songs. One of which was written a week before the studio and actually made the EP!

How has it been having a single on CBC music?

It has been very cool. We were so happily surprised to happen upon ‘Cold Water’ while touring Vancouver Island, listening to CBC. We were driving in two vehicles on route to pick up rental gear when we first heard it, and all pulled over to dance in the parking lot of a Long and Mcquade in celebration! Also, a couple people at our shows said that they heard our single on CBC and actually pulled over to hear what band was playing! Only to find that they already had plans to go see us play their city- quite a trip!

What has the experience been like touring with John Gogo?

Amazing, hilarious and very special. For myself to be on tour with my dad and for the guys who all look up to him so much. He’s a top notch human being, an excellent musician and songwriter, and a very fun and inspiring person to be around.

At Canadian Beats we like to ask some fun questions to help fans get to know you better.

What song have you had on repeat lately?

Drink A Beer by Luke Bryan, to much of the rest of the band’s chagrin. It’s a country pop song which is not typically my thing at all, but the chorus makes me laugh, and I love singing it to the boys.

What is something that someone may not know about you?

I’m happiest in the ocean.

Where is one place you would love to travel to?

Berlin, again. It’s an incredible art city and one of my best friends just moved there from Denmark to make music.

If you could see anyone in concert alive or dead who would it be?

The Beatles!

Who would you love to work with if you got the chance?

Thom Yorke, St. Vincent, or Beyoncé.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

We love everyone who is on this journey with us, and are so grateful for the incredible support we’ve received so far! Enjoy the EP- and know there is a lot more coming.


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