Review – Snake River

By: Heather Young

Album- The Adjacent Room
Download Link –
Release Date- Sept. 4th 2015
Genre – Psych-Rock

Regina Saskatchewan based band Snake River is set to release their new album entitled “The Adjacent Room”. The album is a continuation of their storytelling sophomore album “McKruski”. That album received nods from CBC Radio and also Verb Magazine calling it “top Canadian album of 2014”. The writing process for “Adjacent Room” was the outcome of a full band collaboration this time around, and the creativity pours out of every song.

The album depicts a single day in Febuary 1989 with characters Reginald McKruski and his wife Jeanie. The lyrics are a mixture of bits of their conversations and thoughts throughout the day, and even flash backs of their sixteen year marriage. Although I found the lyrics a bit hard to follow at times the entire creative and unique vibe of the seven song album really makes you want another listen. Soon enough you are attached to the characters as if you were reading your favourite authors best seller. Songs like “I’ve Seen You” are very guitar driven with soft rock vocals. And “Reginald McKruski Exits the Party” at over ten minutes long, keeps you interested with its heavy instrumentals and modern twist on the classic rock sound.

All in all the album is definitely something to experience. If you are looking for something a little bit different than what you normally have on your playlist, something that will take you to another place, then look no further and head off to the fictional place of Snake River Mountain and you won’t be disappointed. Also make sure you check out more info on Snake River because they are heading out for some Eastern Canadian dates this month, so don’t miss them!

Rating: 3.5/5

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