Pre-Release Review – Brady Enslen

By: Lizzie Sharpe

Album – Beautiful Things
Link – Coming Soon!
Release Date – September 11th, 2015
Genre – Indie

Brady Enslen is an indie singer/songwriter from the Alberta prairies. He creates music that gives any listener a sense of nostalgia. Every song that he has produced carries a lot of meaning for him.

Brady  is releasing his first album entitled ‘Beautiful Things’ on September 11th. Beautiful Things was created with the help of many great artists such as Aisha Belle, Ashley Au, and Dan Bertnick. The album features ten full length tracks that all flow perfectly together for the listener. I have taken a listen to Beautiful Things and can tell you that Brady Enslen is extremely talented at what he does. The two songs that stuck out immediately are “Horizon Line” (track two) and “The Hawks Eye” (Track seven). Both songs have a faster pace then some of the other songs featured on the album. Beautiful Things has a great collection of songs that range from fast, medium and slow, and it all flow together perfectly creating a pleasant listening experience.

Rating: 3/5

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