Review – Micah Barnes

By: Lizzie Sharpe

Album – New York Stories
Link –
Release Date – Spring, 2015
Genre – Jazz

Micah Barnes is a Jazz singer/songwriter from the lovely city of Toronto, Ontario. Micah Barnes started his interest in the music scene with his brother Daniel Barnes while in high school and taking part in cabaret and Jazz. Since then he has started getting more involved by playing shows in Toronto. Micah Barnes is now recording solo songs in the studio, playing shows around the world, and has just released a new album this past Spring.

Micah Barns’s new album is entitled ‘New York Stories’. The album features ten full length tracks all showcasing Micah’s talent towards Jazz. I honestly loved the sound of this entire album, especially after listening to it a few times through. The two songs that I really enjoyed are ‘New York Stories’ (Track one) and ‘Starting Tomorrow’ (track four). Both songs are very original sounding and I love how the piano featured in both songs. The story each song tells is inspiring and beautifully written. Micah Barnes has promoted this album during his Summer tour and has received amazing feedback from it.

Rating: 4/5

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