Review – Metronome Jones

By: Remington Fioraso

Album: Metronome Jones
Release Date: August 21, 2015
Download Link:
Genre: Rock

Metronome Jones is a rock group hailing from Ottawa, Ontario.  The trio is formed by Matthew Yorke on vocals/guitar, Ben Matte on bass, and Matt Holmgren on drums. Metronome Jones released their new EP entitled, “Metronome Jones” on August 21, 2015.  The release contains six tracks including the single, “Waiting on the Winter.”

I found the EP to be a solid introduction to the band.  I really the vocals and instrumentals.  Varying influences that the band draws from are evident when listening to the album.  Although a rock group, other genres can be heard throughout.  I found it a very enjoyable EP to listen to from start to finish.

The tracks that stood out the most for me were “Waiting on the Winter” and “Cause I Said So.” I recommend checking out the lead single, “Waiting on the Winter” to gain a taste of the EP.  If you enjoy it, pick up a copy of Metronome Jones’ self-titled release.

Rating: 3/5

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