Show Review – Birds Of Bellwoods

By: Katt Keuleman

When: Thursday, Aug. 13 2015
Venue: Lee’s Palace
Where: Toronto, ON

Four-piece folk band Birds of Bellwoods released their latest EP “The Fifth” on Thursday, Aug. 13, along with Bombadils and Bamboo. For a relatively new band emerging onto the Toronto music scene, Birds of Bellwoods has definitely already established a loyal fan base. This was proven by how easily they filled Lee’s Palace, which is no easy feat.

The band came on stage with a strong Mumford and Son’s vibe- set with their matching uniform of white shirts and black ties, and playing in a horizontal line formation at the front of the stage. Once the band got the fluorescent Birds of Bellwoods sign that backed the stage working, they were ready to blow the crowd away.

One thing you can’t deny is how passionate Birds of Bellwoods are about their music. Even the stand up bassist Kintaro Akiyama, who had a full leg cast propped up next to his bass (due to a “Way Home mishap”), was giving everything he had and playing just as hard as the others. Their enthusiasm was infectious, winning over the entire room.

The band began to play songs from their new EP, which seemed to have a bit of a different sound. It brought me back out east, as if I was in a Nova Scotia pub listening to the house band. My favourite song is “The Fifth”—one the group seemed really excited about sharing with the audience.

The band was enthusiastically called back for an encore, which they played another song off their EP, “Grey Ghost”, and covered Our Lady Peace’s “Innocent”. The show concluded to roaring applause.

After the show, fans flocked to the merch table, eager for a chance to talk with the band and get their hands on some paraphernalia.  It was difficult to push my way through, but I managed to talk to the band about the show. They were thrilled with the turnout and glowing in the aftermath of an incredible performance.

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