Pre-Release Review – Big Smoke’s Vancouver Connection Vol.1

By: Lizzie Sharpe

Album –  The Vancouver Connection Vol. 1
Link –
Release Date – August 14, 2015
Genre – Indie

Big Smoke is a new independent record label that loves all things to do with the local music scene. Big Smoke was created by Adam Sharp in 2015. The recorded label is proud to have the Vancouver stamp on all their music that is released through them and hopes to enlarge their company all over Canada.

The Vancouver Connection Vol.1 is Big Smoke’s first Vinyl/digital release since being created. It features ten full length tracks from ten different Indie artists from Vancouver area. Big Smoke has handpicked each artist to be featured and some are even good friends with them. After reading about The Vancouver Connection album I was very interested in hearing all the different artists that would be featured. The two songs off of the album that I really liked is Heathan Too – Woolworm (track six) and Lancaster – Alea Rae (track ten). Both tracks are easy to listen to and are very enjoyable. The Vancouver Connection Vol.1 flows very nicely throughout the different artists featured. Can’t wait to hear how Big Smoke puts together the next Vancouver Connection.

Rating: 4/5

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