Review – Obsidian

By: Adam Van Thiel

Album – Time Erodes
Release Date- available now
Download Link –
Genre: Progressive/ Death metal

Obsidian, one of the west coast metal scenes progressive heavy hitters are about to throw down the gauntlet with their new uber heavy album, “ Time Erodes”, A very calculating and fast paced sonic collection of equal parts melody and structure. Be warned aggressive grooves a plenty beyond this point.

The album opens with a massive sounding track, very quickly devolving into an immense wall of sound, creating an intensely eerie musical environment, perfectly setting the theater of war for the Obsidian metal assault.  It is very difficult not to mosh and break things when the track “Downfall” is raging through the speakers in my house.

Overall the musicianship is impeccable, and I can’t help but feel that there is not only talent, but real experience behind this record.  If you are fans of heavy as fuck bands Obisidian is certainly for you, I for one can’t wait to see these guys live!! Another insane addition to the growing wave of Western Canadian Metal, HORNS UP!!!

Rating: 4/5

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