Jam In Jubilee Highlights

By: Remington Fioraso

Jam in Jubilee is a concert series held at Jubilee Park in Abbotsford, British Columbia every Thursday in July.  It is a fun family oriented event featuring numerous BC based musicians.  In addition to music, there is a community stage to showcase other talents between sets including several dance crews, vendors, and an art market.  This year, I had the opportunity to check out the first two weeks of Jam in Jubilee.  Continue reading to see some of the highlights of performers!

If you are in or around the Fraser Valley, be sure to attend the fourth and final night of the series on July 30, 2015.  The market begins at 6pm while the live entertainment begins at 7pm.  The line-up consists of Midnight Lions, The Courtneys, and Isotopes.  Additionally, Blessed will be playing at Townhall as a part of the After Dark series for those who are 19+.

Jam in Jubilee Week 1 Highlights

The first night of Jam in Jubilee occurring on July 9, 2015 featured Greenwood, Jordan Klassen, and Malk.


The first band of the evening was Yarrow’s Greenwood.  The duo is formed by Jeanne and Jonathan Hughes.  Their set included “Look at Miss Ohio,” “Catfish John,” and “Lonesome Jailhouse Blues.”


John Klassen was the second to perform at Jam in Jubilee.  The Vancouver based indie-folk-pop artist performed numerous tracks including “Piano Brother,” “The Horses are Stuck,” “Gargoyles” and “No Salesman.”


The final band playing of the night (prior to the After Dark series) was Abbotsford’s MALK.  The ‘noisey guitar pop’ band consists of Alex, Kyle, Jaydee, and Lou.  Included in their setlist was tracks from their debut EP “Prehistoric” released in December 2014.

Jam in Jubilee Week 2 Highlights

The second night of the concert series was held on July 16, 2015 featuring performances by Mistress, Alea Rae, and Little Wild.


The first of the second night’s line-up was the trio Mistress.



The second of the night was the most anticipated for me.  Alea Rae is an indie folk band hailing from New Westminister.  The group is formed by Alea Clark, Jeremiah Ackermann, and Patrick Farrugia.  Although having minor tech problems with sound prior to getting into their set, it was enjoyable to *finally* hear Alea Rae play for the first time.


The final performer prior to the After Dark series was Little Wild.  Little Wild is a four-pieced rock group based in Abbotsford, BC.

Stay Tuned for Highlights from the fourth and final night of Jam in Jubilee 2015!

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