Interview – Sandy Duperval

Interview By: Lindsay Newman
Photo Credit: Patricia Brochu

Montreal native, Sandy Duperval has recently released her debut single  “All Night”.  Duperval is a singer, DJ and producer.  She started playing music over 13 years ago and has been passionate about it ever since. Make sure to check out her new single and video.

What made you want to pursue a music career?

I grew up with my grandmother. When I was 3 yrs old, she would teach me songs and ask me to sing them at church. By the time I was 5 yrs old, she didn’t have to ask me anymore, I would naturally want to sing all the time. At some point, when it was raining I started singing by the door thinking I could make the rain stop… Later in life, I understood that I did not stop the rain but I sang for hours until it had stopped lol. Music always made me feel like I could make a difference, as a teenager, it helped me get through the storm, I couldn’t see my life without it, the more I pursued it the more passionate I became and here I am.

What is it about DJing that you enjoy?

I enjoy, how educating it is, how you can travel through so many emotions, stories, memories and lose yourself in the music you spin. Djing makes me feel in control but also makes me lose control. It’s a captivating phenomenon to me. I was always really bad at multitasking until I became a DJ, I absolutely enjoy reading the crowd, creating a story, a vibe (a different vibe every time) while using different techniques to mix, all at once.

How has it been working with big producers?

I have learned so much from some of the best out there and am always looking forward to collaborating more; I can’t get enough of inspiring people. Working with passionate and experienced producers has made me more motivated and driven to pursue excellence in my craft.

What has the response been for the single “All Night”?

It’s been incredible, beyond my expectations. All night has been quite a journey. It was supposed to be out last year and we shot the video 3 times. I couldn’t give up on it, my gut feeling was too strong and now I’m happy I listened to it.  I can’t even believe it and I’m very proud and grateful.

What was the experience like performing in “Hairspray”?

Every now and then, I like to get out of my comfort zone. I usually stay away from dancing, unless I had a glass of wine lol. When I was approached to do the audition, I was so scared but again my gut feeling was strong about it. Not only did I face my fear but I have also grown to enjoy dancing and acting. Especially surrounded with some extremely talented people, who have helped me through this adventure.

What’s coming up next for you?

That’s a great question, a week ago I would have answered, the album but, 4 days ago I got offered to be the official tour DJ on rising star, Natalie LaRose’s debut tour with Fifth Harmony. I still can’t believe I’m here, touring across 31 cities in the US until the end of august.

Although I can’t wait to share my album with my fans… From now on, what’s next for me is any blessing God has in store. I don’t want to limit myself to dreams and goals but open myself up to the never-ending possibilities.

At Canadian Beats we like to ask some fans to help get to know you better.

What are some of your favourite summer activities?

I LOVE BIKING!! I bought my bike 4 years ago and whenever I get a chance I ride it for at least 10-20 km, 3 times a week.

Who would you like to work with, if you ever got the chance?

OMG, there’s so many people!! My ultimate, all time favorite producer, is Quincy Jones, working with him, would make my life!

Do you have any tattoos if so, what are they?

Five years ago, I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic that left 90% of my body, burned first and second degree. It left me with some scars; I like to call them tattoos because they represent the living miracle I am.

 What would your dream concert line up be?

Mary J Blige, Lauren Hill, Esperanza Spalding, Maxwell, Disclosure, Sam Smith and Brandy.

 What is your favourite thing about Montreal?

THE FOOD!!!! Seriously, best variety of the finest cuisine and street goodies.

 Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Thank you so much for never giving up on me, I only made it this far because of you. THANK YOU!

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