Review – No King For Countrymen

By: Sarah Ballagh

EP- A Year in Recovery
Release Date- July 18, 2015

No King for Countrymen are a four piece rock band from Hamilton, ON.  Members consist of David Lindsay – Vocals, Guitar, Mark Morelli – Bass, Kyle Bell – Drums, Vocals Matt Foster – Guitar.  The band has released two previous EP’s, Self Titled, and Sick and Tired.

For me this band has a strong punk influence, the first song on this EP titled Alright You Win is a punchy opening to the rest of the songs.  Hospital Beds is the first single- with a video out as well.  One of my top songs though would have to be Sun City, I really got into this one, it was very catchy.  I also really enjoy the lyrics in all the songs, each song is written like true poetry.

Influences from what I can hear would be bands like Blink 182 or even a little bit of Dashboard Confessional (I think it’s the vocals and the deep lyrics that remind me of them).

Rating: 4/5

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