Review – The Luke Austin Band

By Sarah Ballagh Brown

Album – For No One In Particular EP
Release Date – July 17, 2015
Genre – Alt-Rock
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This Alternative rock band was formed in 2013, consisting of Luke Austin (guitar, vocals) and Kennedy Pollard (lead guitar), Bryan Swartz (bass) and Michael Ferguson (drums).  They recorded the EP in Toronto and Nashville, where they had the opportunity to work with two great producers.

Luke Austin has a gritty, but warm rock voice, that fits right in where it belongs.

Something I learned about the EP was that they did not use auto-tuning for their recordings.  I have great respect for bands that do this, it showcases their true sound.  In turn I think this makes their live shows much better for the audience. ‘Long Road Home’ is the chosen single, to me this song is about a relationship that got serious too quickly and reflecting on it when it’s been lost.

A personal favorite for me was ‘Alcona Skies’, a slow ballad.  I felt like I could sway along to the music and melt into all the feelings of the song.  I grew up in a small town so this one really resonated with me.  Not to mention the fact that I currently live not far from the town this song is talking about.  I also really enjoy White Picket fence- it has a bit of a heavier tone and I feel that it really rounded out the EP.

Rating: 4/5

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