Review – The Alpacas

By: Sarah Ballagh Brown

EP – Good Luck
Release Date – July 10, 2015
iTunes Link –
Genre – Rock

The Alpacas hail from Barrie, Ontario.  They are a four piece rock band consisting of Vocals / Greg Lee, Guitar, Vocals / Brent Lee, Bass / Brett Garner,  and Drums / Nick Harper.  Good Luck is the second release for the band, they also have another self titled EP that was released in late 2014.

This EP is short but sweet, and it leaves me wanting more (on purpose I’m sure!). Shapeshifter is the heaviest tune on the EP, and I think my favorite.  The last song Satellite, has a little bit of a Blue Rodeo style to it.  Overall their sound brings me back to 90’s bands such as Limblifter, and even a bit of Sloan. The harmonies in the vocals fit so well, and it creates a great energy in their songs.  I think the three songs give you a well rounded listen to what the band has to offer, and I will be anxious to hear more in the future from these guys!

I came across this band somewhere on Facebook, and living in the same city as them I went ahead and checked them out.  I have been peeking in on them every so often since then.  I haven’t seen them live yet but will be doing so this coming Friday July 17th, and I am really looking forward to it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Upcoming Shows:
Friday, July 17th- Barrie New Music Fest
Saturday, August 29th- St Catharine’s, ON, Location TBA

Get in touch with The Alpacas:

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