Review – Milo McMahon

By: Amanda Hather

EP – Who I Knew
Download Link – To Be Added
Release Date – July 14th, 2015
Genre – Rock

Independent Montreal rock artist Milo McMahon has released his EP ‘Who I Knew’. The EP, a blend of many genres, is a short but sweet four tracks long. The first singled off of the EP, “Caveman” gives you a good idea of what you can expect from the rest of the EP.

“All Or Nothing”, the opener on the EP, is a bit more upbeat compared to the single. “Breeze” starts off with a softer acoustic guitar and leads in to the vocals. The title track and closing song on the EP is my favourite. It starts off slow and soft like the previous song, and goes on for just short of six minutes. The song picks up towards the middle before finishing off with an extended instrumental section, demonstrating McMahon’s talent perfectly.

The EP, although short, flows well and is very easy to listen to. It will be the perfect addition to those summer night playlists now that the weather is finally enjoyable. It is something I can see myself listening to many times and hopefully you feel the same way.

Rating: 4/5

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