Review – Vesperia

By: Adam Van Thiel

Album – The Iron Tempests
Release Date- July 10th 2015
Download Link –
Genre: Blackened death/ Folk Metal/ Viking metal

The nigh unstoppable tide of Canadian metal rises ever higher, constantly foreshadowing a change in the wind. Once again invading Canada from the banks of Toronto, Vesperia have returned to the fray, bringing with them “The Iron Tempests” EP, and believe me when I say the Valkyries are going to have their hands full after this one.

The instant, epically cacophonous, onslaught of, The Iron Tempests, conjures up  images of the ragnarok, or possibly a mystical J.R.R. Tolkienesque wizard facing down an army of armored bears from beyond the artic circle.  I seriously can’t stress how epic this album is, like seriously put on a full suit of armor, play this record as loud as possible, and I swear you’ll be pillaging and burning in no time…Probably drinking too…

Rating: 5/5

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