Interview – Pistolfish

By: Amanda Hather

Pistolfish is a band from Port Moody, BC, consisting of Mike Costea (lead vocals, guitar), Arik Dicks (lead guitar), Troy Giffin (bass, vox), and Brennan Buglioni (drums). The four mix different elements from rock, funk, reggae and ska together to create their music. They frequent the Vancouver music scene and have a self-produced EP ‘Howlin’.  To learn more about Pistolfish, be sure to read the rest of this interview and check them out online.

What made you want to start pursuing music?

To be honest, we were looking for a way to disappoint our parents. Aside from that, we just really love making music. All four of us came up through the awesome Rock School program at Port Moody Secondary, linked up after high school, and it’s been full steam ahead ever since.

Who are some of your musical influences?

All of us grew up on bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, so classic rock has always been a big influence on our sound. We’ve also drawn inspiration from more modern groups like Sublime and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What are some of the inspirations behind your songs?

We want our songs to tell a story with a real message. There’s so much fear and uncertainty that comes with growing up and finding your way; writing our music helps us make sense of all that.

What’s your writing process like? Do you all contribute ideas or is it more of one person bringing the idea forward?

Usually, Mike or Arik brings in the main idea for the song, and then we all work together to create the final product. Our process really relies on collaboration. One guy brings an engine, the rest of us help build the car!

If someone hadn’t listened to your music before, how would you describe it? Is there a song they should listen to first?

Check out “New Regard,” our latest single! We make hard rock music with a lot of groove. When you listen to one of our songs, we want you to snap your fingers, tap your feet, nod your head….move every extremity.

Do you have any advice for newer bands/artists trying to break into the Vancouver music scene?

We wish we had the full answer to that question. So far, all we can say is this: work hard, be nice, and make good music! If anyone reading this actually knows how to make it, please forward your tips to

Are there any bands/artists that your fans may not know about that you would recommend?

Here are four off the tops of our heads: Passafire, Porcupine Tree, The Traveling Wilburys and Father John Misty. Punch in those names on YouTube and enjoy!

What’s coming up next for you guys?

We’re playing Venue Nightclub on Friday, July 10th with two excellent local bands, Mistress and Intoxicated By Nature. You don’t want to miss it!

Here at Canadian Beats we like to throw in a few fun questions so your fans can get to know you a bit better:

If you were in charge of a weekend long music festival, who would you have on the lineup?

Our choice headlining acts would be The Beatles, Rush, and Kendrick Lamar. That might be the weirdest bill of all time.

What was your favourite concert you’ve attended as a fan?

Mike and Troy are both going with Roger Waters, but for two different concerts. Mike saw him perform ‘Dark Side Of The Moon,’ Troy saw ‘The Wall.’ Gotye put on the best concert Brennan has seen so far. Arik says nothing’s beating Metallica.

What’s your favourite part of playing live?

Performing is a blast for so many reasons. We love to just let loose and have some fun on stage. After you put in so much work writing new music and preparing for the show, it’s an amazing feeling to put it all out there and get the reaction from the crowd. That’s what really keeps us going.

What’s your go to karaoke song?

Without any further comment….

Troy: Taking Care of Business – BTO

Brennan: Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie

Mike: Fortunate Son – CCR

Arik: Do You Believe (In Life After Love) – Cher

Where are the top three places you’d like to travel to?

If we went on a world tour, we would need to make stops in Italy, Australia, and the beautiful nation of Peru.

And finally, do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Thank you all so much, we love you! Subscribe to our mailing list, stay posted for new music, and come enjoy an unreal night at Venue Nightclub July

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