Review – Spells Of Vertigo

By: Lizzie Sharpe

EP – Soaked
Download Link –
Release Date –July 2nd , 2015

Spells Of Vertigo is an independent band from Canada. The band was created on the night of Halloween, October 31st, 2014. Spells Of Vertigo is made up of three members Keegan Powell-Guitar/Vocals, Dan Marranca-Bass Guitar, and Jon Lubanski-Drums. Spells Of Vertigo was created so that the band could have no boundaries and an outlet for what they wanted to create.

Spells Of Vertigo has released their newest EP entitled ‘Soaked’. The EP consists of three full length tracks all sounding incredibly different from each other. ‘Soaked’ is full of Rock and the band has stated that it is like if the Smashing Pumpkins gave up on perfectionism. I have listened to the full EP and I picked out my favourite track from it. It’s called “Clover”, which is the last track. It is a song that starts off slow but gets extremely heavy and loud as it nears the end. The band has also released a new music video for the second track:’Baby Born(With No Brain)’, you can see it HERE!

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