Review – Tiny Rhymes

By: Lizzie Sharpe

Album – A Kinder History
Download Link –
Release Date –June 23rd , 2015
Genre – Indie Folk

Tiny Rhymes is an Indie Folk band from Canada and New York. Tiny Rhymes consist of four members Sharon – vocals, guitar,  Katie Weissman- cello and vocals, Kathryn Koch- violin, vocals and, Tony Iannone – bass. Sharon met Katie while recording and writing in Buffalo, they hit it off and created Tiny Rhymes.

Tiny Rhymes has just released their new album named ‘A Kinder History’. The album features four full length songs. All the tracks on ‘A Kinder History’ have the bountiful melodies and lyrics that Tiny Rhymes is known for. After the first listen of the album I fell in love with it as a whole. It is a wonderful album to listen to all the way through and listening to the distinctive sound that only comes from a violin and cello makes it that much more enjoyable. My top two tracks from the album are ‘Arrows’ (track one) and ‘Oh, Amaranta!’ (track two). It’s easy to see why ‘Arrows’ was chosen as Tiny Rhymes first single off of ‘A Kinder History’. This album will be on my rainy days playlist because it would sound even better while relaxed and enjoying both the rain and wonderful songs.

Rating: 4/5

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