Show Review – Boat Culture

By: Katt Keuleman

When: Thursday, June 11, 2015
Venue: Coalition T.O
Where: Toronto, ON

Boat Culture is a self-professed Yacht Rock quartet that plays swoon-worthy love songs, similar to the likes of Parquet Courts and Harlem. Composed of Sam Myles, Duncan Boyd, Paul Hayman and Chad Courneya, Boat Culture creates a sound that gets everyone up and dancing. These childhood best friends released their debut EP “Half Old” on Thursday, June 11 at Coalition T.O along with fellow Toronto sweethearts Pony.

Playing regular shows at venues such as the Central and Smiling Buddha, the group has already established a loyal following (especially for Heartthrob Hayman). To Boat Culture, the best part of the night was looking out into the crowd and seeing ladies singing along to all of the words. It is safe to say that not one person in the room was standing still throughout the entire performance.


Opening with “Come Now”, the premiere song off their new EP, started the set off right. They played all the songs from Half Old, plus a few other crowd favourites. The energy was high, creating the mood for the perfect dance party. My personal favourite song, “Tanns”, has nostalgic vibes that can send you back on a walk down memory lane to an old summer fling.


Make sure to check out Half Old, and follow Boat Culture on Facebook to hear of any upcoming shows this summer!

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