Show Review – DB Cooper & XPrime

By: Katt Keuleman

When: Thursday, June 4, 2015
Venue: Rivoli
Where: Toronto, ON

Xprime launched their new EP “PM” at the Rivoli on Thursday night, with the help of DB Cooper, The Nursery and the Honeyrunners.

The night started off with Hamilton’s DB Cooper. The first band of the night always has the challenge of performing to a lighter crowd, and setting the mood for the rest of the night. DB Cooper definitely surpassed this challenge. Starting off with a couple new tunes, they played several songs from their first CD released in April, The Road, while also tossing in a favourite classic cover- The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.


Xprime performed third, bringing a new energy to the stage. At the sound of their first song, the empty dance floor quickly filled with excited fans, anxious to hear the set. The whole room could tell the band was thrilled to be there, and loved every minute of their performance. The excitement was infectious and felt throughout the entire room.

The performance was definitely a success, even leading to the acquirement of some new fans! I made a new friend Barrie, a firefighter from St. Catharines who was in town for a fellow coworkers retirement party and happened to stumble into the show. Loving every minute of it, he even purchased their new album. The band is sure to win over many new fans with the heart and enthusiasm they bring to the stage.


Xprime will be touring all over central and eastern Canada this summer and fall to promote PM. Check them out online to find out where you can catch a show near you.

Also, the band announced that fans have taken to posting pictures online with their cat and new Xprime EP. So if you are a feline and Xprime-lover, be sure to purchase PM and post your cat-enhanced selfie. Let’s hope Barrie has a cat!

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