Review – A Darker Day

By: Lindsay Newman

EP: A Darker Day
Download Link:
Release Date: April 27. 2015
Genre: Metal

Formed in 2008, Ottawa metal band, “A Darker Day” has recently released their self-titled EP. Each member of the band comes from different music backgrounds and they are currently up for the running for playing Amnesia Rockfest in Quebec. A Darker Day is  Gumb’eh Thrasher (bass),  Adam Loback (vocals), Mark Garrod(guitar), Jadon Bailey(drums) and Jeff Jobling (guitar).

The EP has 5 tracks and from the opening track “Memory Man” I was hooked on the EP. The opener had a retro feel; which I thought was interesting and something that you do not see as much anymore. The whole EP showed off the bands talent and was very high in energy.  This band really shows that our country is very talented when it comes to the music scene.

One of my favourite tracks on the EP was the opener “Memory Man”. In my opinion, having a great opener makes people want to continue to listen to the album; which is what happened in my case. They had such a strong opener so, that made me want to listen to the whole EP and let me tell you, I was impressed.

If you are a metal fan I would suggest checking out this album, you will not be disappointed.

Don’t forget to vote for A Darker Day to play Amnesia Rockfest!

Rating: 4/5

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