Show Review – Sea Perry

By Heather Young

Who- Sea Perry
When – May 31st 2015
Where- Lilac Festival, Calgary

It was the day of Lilac Festival in Calgary. It was super hot out and 4th street was unbelievably crowded. This festival is an annual thing for me, but this time I was on a mission, to see for myself what all the fuss about the band Sea Perry was all about.

Sea Perry is composed of Chris Milligan (vocals/guitar), Shawn Fisher (bass/keys) and Chad Bouchard (drums). They are from Sudbury, ON, and have been together only two years! A fact you would never guess while watching them on stage. The musical chemistry between them is transparent. The trio played a number of songs off their first full length album “Do what you do” including “No where to go”, “Lion”, “Burning California” and “Molly’s shoes” which they just released a video for on May 22nd.

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The energy of this show was incredible even on such a small stage with hardly room to move around freely. It didn’t take long for people to really get into it and get up and start dancing. And dance they did, like I had never seen before. The vibe was nothing but positive and happy, everyone was having a great time and it was completely infectious. The crowd got larger and larger with every song they played as the music filled the street pulling more and more people in. These guys really know how to play live music! From flawless vocals to immaculate instrumentals, in just over 45 minutes Sea Perry captivated everyone within ear shot, including myself.

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I went without knowing much about Sea Perry and left totally in love with the music, energy and overall positivity of the entire experience. If you ever get a chance to see them live I highly recommend you do, I know I will be next chance I get. And make sure to check out their album “Do what you do”.


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